Taking Notes

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Slide projection with video insert, 2003
(1 video beamer, 3 slide projectors – of which: 2 carousel projectors,
each with 81 slides, 60 x 80 mm ;
1 slide projector for back projection,
1 slide with video insert, approx. 9 min. loop)

This media installation combines two relatively small, parallel slide projections with one wall-filling back projection shown at an angle of 90° to the others.

The two smaller projections show a sequence of snapshots in which various people’s hands find, compose or read messages written on notes. Two messages repeatedly crop up: ‘It’s over’ and ‘Let’s start all over again’. The hand-written messages appear on yellow adhesive Post-It notes and are signed with initials like ‘T’, ‘S’, ‘M’ or ‘R’. The question of who is communicating with whom about what can swiftly turn into a complex and constantly changing story.

This puzzling and intensely spun communication is reflected in the ostensibly static, wall-filling back projection: a glance in a paper recycling bin where various kinds of paper waste from offices and homes is mixed up with coloured Post-It note lets.
Almost imperceptibly, one of the notes intermittently changes.
The video insert serves as a picture within a picture, or as a screen for the video beamer. The colour of the Post-It notes changes, while the texts and the signatures are also modified through slow over fades: ‘Taking Notes’ reinvents the puzzle of communication.

Shown at:
2003/04 Berlin, Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof
2008 Saarbrücken, Stadtgalerie