Die Sammlung des Parrhasios (The Parrhasios Collection)

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30 Illusionistic paintings with draperies.
An exhibition, 1992/1995 (Curtain, hydrometer, rope cordons, picture captions, video monitor and surveillance camera, mirror, catalogue and audio cassette with a guided tour lasting 40 minutes
Voice: Klaus Piontek, Deutsches Theater, Berlin)
The interior of a light shaft is staged as a small art exhibition room. The entrance is hung with a red brocade curtain which is gathered back at the side. Each empty window frame inside the shaft is painted gold and has its own picture caption beneath it. Inside the room a surveillance camera attached at the wall opposite the room's entrance films the visitors from a mirror hanging on a wall in a small vestibule on the other side of the curtain. Thus the exhibition visitor appears in the monitor as a figure within a "tableau vivant" which (being half-covered by the brocade curtain) scenically imitates the interconnected rooms portrayed by the Dutch genre painters. The guided tour through this collection of imaginary "paintings with illusionistic drapes" can be heard on a walkman.

Shown at:

1992 Hamburg, Installation in a light shaft, Galerie Vorsetzen
1995 Potsdam, Installation in a gallery, Galerie Mittelstrasse

Voice (Englisch): David Freedberg, Audiofile (Quicktime)
Voice (German): Klaus Piontek, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Audiofile (Quicktime)