Better Homes & Gardens

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installation view,
wallpaper with graphite drawings, 2002,
Laura Mars Grp.

Modelled on the famous magazine that has inspired generations of Americans with advice for interior design, garden enhancement and tips for home management, Susanne Weirich's installation Better Homes and Gardens proposes a deeply ambiguous version of such domestic and natural orders which reveal clear links to her own artistic production.

Echoing the title, the exhibition is divided into two sections equivalent to a garden and a garage space. In contrast to her 1996 installation Tom's Furs and Feathers, in which Weirich created an authentic reconstruction of a garage interior, Better Homes and Gardens offers a remix of the earlier work: the outlines of the run-down, flattened animals are presented here as an ornamental display and as unmistakable 'fakes' of the questionable trophies left behind by a truck driver who might just as easily also have been an invention of the artist.

Lecture by Andreas Seltzer at Laura Mars Grp. on 14 July 2002

Shown at:

2002 Berlin, Laura Mars GRP.