Tageszeitung, 24.10.07
ART TOURS: Brigitte Werneburg explores Berlin's galleries

As soon as one sees this spectacular trick, one wants to master it for oneself. It begins with an extremely aggressive act that shocks the onlookers into silence, but – and this is the trick as well as the surprise – no one is harmed, nothing gets damaged: neither the glasses that the hotel trainee had carefully arranged on the table under the stern eye of his supervisor in the video Three-Course Menu. Training nor the heavy silverware next to the porcelain. Everything remains where it is despite the fact that the supervisor, who now appears as a waitress in the video installation White Lies, suddenly whisks the white linen tablecloth from the table. The three women of different generations now sit in front of their plates, glasses etc. at a suddenly exposed restaurant table. What once seemed sumptuous and inviting now only looks uncanny.
In her second solo exhibition at magnus müller, Susanne Weirich examines popular narrative structures, while shifting the borders between realistic and fictional narrative forms. As a result, the supervisor from the scene in which Weirich observes five trainees arranging the table is now able to enter almost seamlessly the 3-channel video installation showing a family drama being fought out – in proper middle-class style – at the dining table. In the open-ended parallel montage of the film sequences, Nicole Heesters as the grandmother, Friederike Wagner as the mother and Klara Manzel as the daughter repeatedly assume the position of their antagonists, meaning that they occasionally play against themselves. Weirich avoids banal psychologising, restricting herself to purely filmic and visual means to sound the psychological fault lines of her story.

Until November 10, Tue-Sat midday-6pm, Galerie magnus müller, Weydingerstr. 10/12