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(Phosphorescent pigment, wall painting measuring at least 80 x 170cm,
variable size, 2 carousel slide projectors each with 81 slides)
Weedgarden shows a botanical mural that, combined with projected text fragments, has been shaped by emotional experience.
The symbolic naming of various missing organs and orifices (no mouth, no tongue, no anus etc.) describes a weed painted in phosphorescent colour: the nettle, a plant that rampantly spreads through its extensively ramified roots across fields of debris, rubbish dumps and other non-places.

The pictorial motif is illuminated and inscribed with suggestive passages of English that are projected onto it.
The fictitious text is dismembered into poetic fragments that emphatically repeat, evocatively supplement or accentuate certain passages.
The fragments can appear unexpectedly, individually offering some revealing insight, but when linked in sequence across the image and through time they generate a coherent, accumulative narrative of seduction.
Based on the myth of Daphne, who evades Apollo’s persistent solicitations by metamorphosing into a laurel tree, the viewer reads/sees the simultaneously narrated, kaleidoscopically encoded account of an erotic temptation. The weed is charged and retains its glow.

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