Tokyo Rose

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Audio-visual installation, 1989
(3 screens, each 200x200cm,
3 carousel slide projectors,
each with 81 slides,
2 prompt-boxes, loudspeakers,
electronic control unit,
digital four-track tape deck,
38 min., b/w)
On a darkened stage a memory machine is telling the story of women in media worlds. Three screens are talking to two prompt boxes. This projected panorama is combined with a forty-minute sound collage. In staged dialogues, literary accounts are merged with scientific texts, found footage, archival documents, sounds and music.
Simultaneously, three different projections are shown on the three screens. Tokyo Rose explores the 'Universality of the sigh' (part 1), describes the 'Stream of language' (part 2) and goes in search of the 'Trace of voices' (part 3).
After a long time of silent breathing in slow motion, SHE is growing up by eating letters and forging word weapons. When, however, one day, the war in the Pacific is moving towards Japan, again SHE is loosing her alphabet, her love and her location. But Tokyo Rose finds an artificial way to rescue her voice. The outcome is a synthesis: Tokyo Rose is a composite of several women.

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