Sixty Sonnets
A mobile edifice

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Permanent installation: 20 captioned rotagraphics, illuminated, 1997
(Each unit measures 134 x 95 x 15 cm and consists of 18 horizontal strips,
conic aluminum frames, neon tubes, motors. Rotational interval: 40 seconds)

Visible from outside through a glass front, twenty rotating message displays are located on the first floor of a comprehensive school. Commonly used for outdoor advertising or at trade fairs, the twenty display units have been installed in a 170-meter long glass-fronted corridor and arranged into five groups of four each. Each group of four display units are covered with captions that indicate the function of the rooms located behind them: 1. School office, 2. Teachers’ lounge, 3. Library, 4. Chemistry department, and 5. Engineering department. The texts are arranged like sonnets and consist of two four-line stanzas and two three-line stanzas. Their subject matter, however, consists of miscellaneous bits of information drawn from a range of sources and corresponds to the rooms' “given” thematic domains. Each quote conforms to a three-line or a four-line verse. There are twelve sonnets to each room and all are thematically related.

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