(Scratch card)

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Process-based wall painting, 2002

(Scratch card silk-screen printing ink on a ground of green synthetic resin varnish, 360 x 520 cm, variable dimensions)

The entire wall of a room in a gallery was transformed into an over-sized scratch card: “Behind the silver-grey screenprinting ink surface of the wall are hidden pictogrammatic signs that visitors can excavate as if in a kind of choreographed archaeological dig. What emerges is more like a pattern than actual writing, an abstract order laid bare by the accidental traces scratched off by the viewer. This is a fiction of legibility and a hunt for clues, as well as the accumulated residue of signs.” (Harald Fricke)

2002 Berlin, Galerie Laura Mars
2003 Munich, Luitpold Lounge
2004 Weimar, ACC