Silent Playground

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Silent Playground, 2005
DVD & Multi-Screen-Installation

( Plexiscreens, 6 DVD-loops, (16:9), 6 DVD-Player, 6 Beamer, 1 CD- Player, 1-Ton-CD/ One-Channel-Version: 22 min.)

Silent Playground, 2005
Installation view

Silent Playground, 2007
Installation view in Milano

Silent Playground, shot in the Grand Hyatt Berlin in collaboration with the actor Inga Busch is informed by the logic and setting of survival-genre computer games such as Project Zero or Silent Hill3.
Filmed on steadicam in a variety of situations, the game’s identificatory protagonist evolves into a hyperrealistic avatar. Cast into changing spatial scenarios, her deepest desires and fears are exposed to a pattern of ingenious logic that permits only two options: a happy end or a bad end.

It analyzes a particular genre of mass culture, exploring references to contemporary film and clichéd notions of problem-solving. Silent Playground invented a game set-up that convincingly draws on the film aesthetic of PlayStation, while also acting on the structure of polar alternatives in our wish projection onto reality.

Video / Quicktimemovie - Download (1,7 mb)

Cast: Director/Script: Susanne Weirich; Producer: Robert Bramkamp/ BramkampWeirich GbR; Actor: Inga Busch; Camera: Florian Foest; Editing: Wolf-Ingo Römer; Production Assistant: Jessica Páez; Make-up: Julia Neuenhausen; Installation-Technics: Jens Koppe; Thanks to Kirsten Ellerbrake, Harm Lux, Boris Dornbusch. - With the kind support of Grand Hyatt Berlin and the Schaubühne Berlin -

Shown at:


New York, DIVA Video Art Fair (Galerie müllerdechiara)
Berlin, Galerie müllerdechiara
Cologne, OPEN SPACE, Art Cologne

2006 Dresden, Kunsthaus

Milano (I), Assab One
Gdansk (PL), Whyspa Institute of Art

2008 Saarbrücken, Stadtgalerie