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Permanent Installation, 1998
(Blue glass, turquoise paint,
movement detectors, 3 spots)

Located off the ground beside the rear entrance of an office building is the uncovered opening to a low-ceilinged service passage that can be climbed up to by rungs in the wall. Looking down the passage, concrete crossbeams can be seen along its ceiling, gradually tapering as they recede. The gaps between the beams are covered by a translucent grille. A blue-toned sheet of glass is fitted into the opening, while positioned along the ceiling grille are three spotlamps whose light intensity diminishes as they recede. A movement detector triggers the illumination, simulating the play of light and shadow that occurs in a swimming pool as seen both from above and from beneath the water.

Shown at:

1998 Nuremberg, bŁro orange for Siemens AG