Parcours (Circuit)

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Interior installation (permanent), 1998

(nine double-sided, illuminated message displays (warning signs) with seventeen different texts. Plexiglas, aluminum frames, neon tubes, steel chains. 40 x 65 x 20 cm each)


In the basement of an office complex a narrow, high corridor connects the main building to the annex. Hanging from the suspended ceiling at the end of the thirty-two meter long passageway is a sign that reads on both sides: “Warning. All doors open out into the corridor.” In similar fashion eight additional illuminated displays were installed at regular intervals and, alternating between “Vorsicht” (attention) and “Achtung” (warning), suggest another seventeen precautionary measures to be taken when passing through the corridor.

1998 Siemens sales branch, Nuremberg
Commissioned by: büro orange for Siemens AG