Mauerblume (Wallflower)

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Interior installation (permanent), 1996

Nine rotating displays with horizontal vanes, each
with three cibachromes (88 x 110 x 8 cm)

A basement corridor of an office building with light-toned exposed masonry walls shows signs of wear and tear. For the installation the walls were left as they were, including old drill holes, forgotten dowels, scratches, and paint marks. In certain spots pre-existing holes, hooks, and adhesive tape were used to affix cut flowers to the wall. The wall of the corridor was photographed in nine different places. Nine rotating displays were then installed on the same nine locations. Each metal framed box displays a photo of the exact section of the wall located underneath. For a period of time these transitory greetings remained affixed to the photographically reproduced wall only to disappear with the next wave-like rotation of the displays. The first series of motifs presents a variety of red flowers, the second empty hooks, rings, drill holes and torn off strips of adhesive tape, while the third series deals exclusively with yellow flowers.

Shown at:

1996 Siemens sales branch, Nuernberg
Commissioned by: büro orange for Siemens AG