Die Glücksprophezeiungsmaschine
(The Fortunetellingmachine)

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Interactive Installation, 2001
(7 boxes, each with 1 slide projector,
1 slide, 1 MP3-Player, 2 prompt boxes,
1 body moving sensor)

A visual and acoustic oracle is placed in the famous arcaded Renaissance court of the former Old Mint in Munich: A number of tarot cards are -via light sensors- projected onto the floor in front of the ‚flaneur’.
These projections are accompanied by short pre-recorded and triggered acoustic statements spoken by 7 different women, generated from literary sources like Kleist, Flaubert, Shakespeare, and others.
At seven different arches one has the chance to hear one of seven different prophecies linked to each card. These visual and acoustic projections, images and whispered words, temporarily flash up and disappear as the walker passes by. But now there seems to be the chance to manipulate the choice of sibyls and oracles by moving faster for-and backwards. The walk becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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