Ereignishorizont /
Event horizon

> deutsche version
Light box and video, 2002
(1 monitor, DVD, b/w 18-min. loop; light box with 1 b/w transparency,
85 x 120 cm)

A video with gradually over fading portraits of physicists and artists represents an enactment of the visual operations involved in creating physics-related models.
The over fades show typologies of virtually immobile faces, generating blended gradations between two portraits and mixed variations of gazes emanating from four sets of precisely superimposed eyes.
Opposite the monitor, which is set into the wall, is a light box with a back-projection transparency showing a ‘rear portrait’: someone wearing a leather jacket is leaning over the railing of a bridge.

The depictions in various media of supposed observers direct their gazes along a shared axis into ostensible infinity. The overall effect is that while these various gazes can be differentiated, they nonetheless all appear to be focused on some anticipated event about to happen beyond the horizon.

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