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Interior installation (permanent): eight lenticular photographs mounted on aludibond, diameter 50-100 cm

Photos: Jens Ziehe (c) Susanne Weirich
VG Bildkunst, Bonn 2008

At the very top of the stairs the visitor is confronted with images of clouds: circular sections of sky featuring white cumulus clouds float like soap bubbles along the wall up toward the ceiling. In walking past, the images change for the viewer almost imperceptibly: moving up and down the stairs shifts the viewer’s vantage point and creates the impression of clouds passing over the blue. Each perspective presents a shifting variety of vastness and blue. The round lenticular images generate the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. They combine several images in one, which are activated by the passing movement of the viewer.

”Susanne Weirich’s installation Cloudbubbles mimics an 18th century Wolkenhimmel, framing an illusory heaven as Muthesius’s windows frame landscape; the shifting vantage point of a moving observer animates fixed holograms of cumulous clouds.” (Dr. Karen Kramer)

Commissioned by: Stanford University/USA for Bing Overseas Studies Program, Berlin Competition by invitation (realized)