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Images: Mycobaktuberc.-culture/ Probioni bacteria/ Helicobacterium /E.coli from the archive of: Dr. rer. nat. Wanda Köhler, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulf Göbel,Institute of Microbiology and Hygiene Charité – University Medicine Berlin

Interior installation (permanent), 2007, Berlin
Curtains, three stainless steel chandeliers and nine wall lights, sixteen hand-painted decorative wall-mounted plates, porcelain, each with a diameter of 26 cm

The designing of the vaulted cellar of the Marburger Bund, the German doctors’ association, with wall-mounted plates, curtains and lighting was commissioned at the end of the building’s overall modernization and refurbishment in 2007. The permanent installation Bazillen (Bacilli) envisions the furnished room as an associative combination of monastery cellar and medieval banquet hall with translucent, floor-length curtains, and chandeliers. The lights (Brand van Egmond), allude to their baroque predecessors with reflective stainless steel silhouettes. The porcelain plates present a total of sixteen different hand-painted motifs taken from microscopic photographs of diverse bacilli. The scientific photographs were used as design templates in creating a series of decorative wall-mounted plates; a porcelain painter from the German porcelain manufacturer KPM was commissioned for the project. The plates are finished with a gold rim, signed, and numbered.

2007 Commissioned by: Marburger Bund, Berlin; refurbishment and expansion of the Marburger Bund headquarters: HemprichTophof Architects, Berlin