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Sculpture in public space (permanent), 2006

(Bricks, steel, glass, LEDs, electronics, 1.15 x 4 x 0.9 m, situated on a fixed, 9 meter in diameter circular area)

For the open space of a housing estate, the artist designed a plinth-like block built out of light-colored bricks and set off by a rim of colored glass just below the top surface layer. In its coloring and material, the sculpture references the nearby ensemble of rotunda, boules court, and sandbox (realized according to a design by the architect Hinnerk Wehberg). The artist’s idea was to extend these existing elements, which offer residents ways of organizing their free time, with an additional object. The Bar invites residents to gather for discussion, exchange, or self-organized events outside their immediate living area. Parties or meetings can be announced on a nearby signboard. With the choice of the counter-like format and the use of the term Bar, the work becomes a symbol for extended public interaction. How the work is actually used is left up to the initiative and wishes of the residents. Bar occupies a blank space; it also functions as a plinth without a sculpture.

Planning: Floris Dreesman, Berlin / Construction: Oliver Kienzler, Hamburg / Lighting design: Jens Koppe, Berlin / Production: BramkampWeirich GbR


2006 Rahlstedter Hoehe, Hamburg Commissioned by: The Cultural Council of the City of Hamburg Invited competition (realized)