I missed the Apocalypse
(A real lipservice and one hundred explanations)

> german version

Videoinstallation, 1993
(10 monitors, 10 VHS-players, 10 tapes 100 min., color)

> quotes from S for Sorts
How can one avoid the end of the world? The video installation "I missed the Apocalypse" shows the artist as a mute confessor on 10 monitors.
A commentary on her audible confession is provided by 100 short statements collaged from interviews with 10 people of assorted professions from Hamburg and Berlin. Made in changing locations, a collection of ,True stories’ is composed in combination with detailed descriptions of various work processes. In dramatic accounts the viewer learns, for instance, about the various ways of dealing with the phenomenon of holes, either as irretrievable data, punched tickets, decayed teeth or missing passages in a novel by Flann O´Brien. But one also discovers what to do about the end, what impression is really made by an imprint, why copies make sense and when to make a point. (Each theme is provided by one of the letters in the word 'Apocalypse'.) This installation pays real lip service and offers one hundred rescue stories which address and realign global and private visions of the end of the world.

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